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Established over four decades ago, Satterfield Helm is a multifaceted commercial real estate enterprise, rooted in the principles of stewardship, fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit, and driven by a deep passion for real estate.

The history of our company.


Greg Helm and Scott Satterfield (Satterfield Helm) have been business partners for over 40 years in the field of commercial real estate. What began as a home construction company in Idaho in 1976 quickly evolved into a regional commercial real estate development and construction enterprise. By 1981 Satterfield Helm had developed and built office buildings, industrial warehousing, and retail shopping centers. They also began to build their own portfolio of properties starting with a neighborhood shopping center and an office building. In 1983, during the recession of the 80’s, they took a year off and did volunteer work for their church in the South Pacific. At the end of their voluntary service the church hired them for an additional five years during which they managed the church’s expanding real estate holdings in both the South Pacific and Caribbean basins. During this time the church expanded into several new countries. Satterfield Helm helped set up new legal entities in each country, handled all real estate acquisitions, and managed the construction and maintenance departments including 35 employees. In 1989 they returned to the United States to continue their private real estate business.


{stoo-erd-ship} noun : the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially : the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.

The principle of stewardship lies deep in the roots of Satterfield Helm, and is the underpinning of everything we do. A steward treats their responsibilities with which they’ve been entrusted, with the same care and dedication they would treat their own property. A steward understands the big picture, yet is willing to put in the effort to understand each individual issue in order to make high quality decisions with a bias towards action. A steward works hard and has the integrity to see any project through to the end. Key to a steward’s success is their ability to consistently execute, measure results, and return and report.


At Satterfield Helm, we’ve built a team of stewards, who embody our entrepreneurial spirit and have the vision, consistency, honesty and bias towards action to collaborate and successfully execute any project whether it be for ourselves or one of our clients.

The people behind the success.


We’ve assembled a team of big picture people who have whole-heartedly embraced our belief in the value of hard work, dedication, integrity, and entrepreneurial spirit with a bias towards action. Our team is built upon the idea of stewardship.

Scott Satterfield, Principal

Scott has been building, developing, managing and owning real estate for over 40 years. From building homes in his early twenties to overseeing the Caribbean real estate operations of a major nonprofit, Scott brings a wealth of experience, vision, and drive to each project Satterfield Helm undertakes.

Greg Helm, Principal

Greg began selling homes over 40 years ago while still in his teens. He has spent the last 35+ years as the principle broker of Satterfield Helm. Greg provides extensive experience in negotiating and cultivating relationships with tenants. He brings great attention to detail, tenacity, and creativity to overcome obstacles and successfully execute projects.

Nate Evans, Development Director

Nate’s development experience ranges from residential and industrial properties to office buildings and shopping centers. He holds a Masters Degree in Real Estate and Construction Management, and is comfortable doing everything from analyzing new deals to overseeing job sites.


Lee Caldwell, Controller

Lee has over 10 years experience in accounting and financial management. He oversees all accounting and financial reporting. Lee has extensive experience working with all different sizes of clientele. He holds an Accounting Degree from Dixie State University.

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