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Regardless if we are managing one of our own properties, or stewarding over a property on behalf of one of our partners, we approach each decision and each dollar with the same care and scrutiny.



Our management philosophy is simply stated as “Stewardship”, which refers to management’s responsibility to properly utilize and develop its resources, including its people, its property and its financial assets. We start with a vision for the property, determine a plan and set goals to acheive that vision, then consistently execute, measure, and report along the way to acheiving our goals. Consistency is key. Consistent communication, reporting, and a bias towards action.

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Our management team’s experience is derived from our experience managing our own existing portfolio of properties located in Utah, Idaho, Texas, and Hawaii. We have experience managing all types of properties, including: retail, office, industrial, multi-family and student housing. Our current portfolio of properties has maintained nearly full occupancy even during a recession that created higher than normal market vacancies. This is the result of hard work, honest communication, and flexible solutions in all of our relationships. We have experience working with all types of partners from high net worth individuals to institutions, we understand how to align with a partner and leverage their leadership and abilities to achieve better results.

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Our services include building operations and maintenance, property accounting and financial reporting, contract management and lease administration, and product marketing and leasing.

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